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Give your forecasters the right tool to develop  more accurate sales forecasts...

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Prophecy is a sales forecasting and planning software solution aimed at real world business users. It starts where statistical systems stop..

Forecast, track, analyse and report.  Quantity, Revenue and Margin forecasts, plans and budgets from a single-source.  Ideal input to S&OP demand planning process and the financial plan.

Forecast over hierarchies of Products and Customers.  'Finger on the pulse' insights through constantly updated comparisons between forecast and Budget, last forecast, last year etc..

Boost forecaster productivity.  As easy to use as a spreadsheet, but built from the ground up for multi-user sale forecasting.

Implement faster and at lower cost.  Already used in multiple locations for forecasting beauty, personal care, floorcare, coffee makers, food mixers, pet care, cleaning products, and more.  Integrates with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, NetSuite etc..

The right methodology

In the real world, promotions, competitor activity and a myriad of other events and influences make it impossible for a statistical algorithm to generate accurate forecasts. The careful application of Sales and Marketing intelligence is the key to improved forecasting.

Prophecy applies the correct methodology for business forecasting.

Prophecy™ helps forecasters interpret and understand the factors that statistical algorithms struggle with, by intelligently presenting history, past promotions and the evolving forecasts in ways that empowers them to make better decisions.

Aimed at the right users

Prophecy™ captures the unique knowledge of business forecasters.  It gives them the best tool for translating / quantifying business plans and market intelligence into defensible forecasts.

Forecasting solution for business users

Detailed forecasts are extended through revenue and profit, and then consolidated in real time over hierarchies of products and customers.  Forecasts can be reported on, analysed and 'risk-assessed' at any hierarchy level via comparisons with history, budgets, previous versions, running rates and the 'Prophecy Advisor'.

Integrated into core business processes

Prophecy™ integrates volume forecasting into the business planning process, in real time and without the need for manual consolidation processes. Users instantly see the revenue and profit impact of their forecast changes, over the full hierarchy of products and customers.

Forecasting integrated into whole business planning process

Prophecy™ captures Budgets, Targets and Plans, as well as the evolving sales forecast through time.

It enables control, visibility and sharing of a single plan, with a full set of per-user security available.

Efficiently measure and track progress vs. Plan, Last Year etc..

Prophecy™ gives forecasts the financial and management visibility they need, rather than leaving them hidden in a volume-centric, statistical forecasting tool or operational planning 'silo'.

Accuracy analysis at the touch of a button

Forecast, analyse, compare with budgets, prior years or prior versions - for volume, revenue, profit or any other measure you model, all within Prophecy's easy to use, multi-dimensional reporting environment.

Track Accuracy

Accuracy analysis is important because:

  • Forecasters should be able to learn from forecasting mistakes
  • They can avoid making the same mistakes again
  • Accuracy analysis allows management to spot which forecasts need reviewing, earlier.
  • Its visibility ensures that forecast accuracy stays 'front of mind'.

Prophecy™ also lets you quantify the added value of judgemental forecasting by comparing the final forecast with the statistical forecast that would have been generated using the sales history available when the forecast was made. Click here to see a sample output.

Forecast accuracy measurement

Technical Benefits

Prophecy™ runs on Microsoft Windows 7 or newer Clients in conjunction with a centralised MS SQL Server database. It fully supports multiple-user, concurrent, read-write access without 'sub-cubes' or individual spreadsheets for each forecaster. This completely removes the need for manual consolidations. Forecast changes are instantly committed to the database and, as part of the same 'save' process, are aggregated over the relevant branches of the product and customer hierarchies in real time.

Multi-user forecasting solution
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Prophecy 10.0 will be launched in September.  Click here for a sneak preview of what's coming!  Including... a new Trade Promotions Planning module, ad hoc versioning, multiple calendarisation and more!