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The complete Demand Forecasting software solution...

Prophecy™ is a proven, easy to use Windows solution for business demand forecasting and planning, with full extenstion to sales and margin over hierarcies of product and customer.

Use world-class forecasting models from R, without the need for R skills, using Prophecy's protected, easy to use environment.

Multi-level forecasting

Demand forecasting, over hierarchies of products and customers.  Top down or bottom up forecasting.  Drill down or up through product and customer levels with a mouse double-click.

World-class statistical forecasting

Deploy world-class forecasting algorithms in ‘Automatic’ mode (no statistical or R knowledge needed) using Prophecy™'s fully integrated visual interface for R Statistics and Data Science.  Or access all of R via Prophecy™'s 'R Expert mode'.

Multi-user forecasting

Allow multiple users to concurrently forecast, using Prophecy™'s multi-user database. Reforecast with instant, real-time consolidation.  Over a full product / customer / measure security model.

Multi-level revenue & profit

Provide a single, integrated view of forecasted Volume, Revenue and Margin, presented over the every permutation of product and customer hierarchy detail.  Also supports your own measures, such as litres, kilos, pallets etc. if required.

Analysis and control

Flexible, cube-style multi-dimensional reporting (and forecast update) screens. Compare with last year and multiple Budget versions.  Analyse forecast accuracy via snapshots or time profiled screens.  Escape the limitations of forecasting in Excel.

Trade promotions planning

Implement trade promotions planning (TPM), including workflow and post-promotional evaluations.
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DEMAND forecasting for business!

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Prophecy's Benefits

Forecast with the right methodology

Use Prophecy™ if you're forecasting with:

  1. Frequent and highly variable promotional activity.
  2. Active competitors, with equally frequent and variable promotional activity.
  3. Promotions which are (intentionally) different each time
  4. Promotions which occur at different times each year.
  5. Major customers represent a high proportion of total sales.

Prophecy™ helps forecasters interpret and understand the factors that statistical algorithms struggle with, by presenting the data in a variety of intuitive, graphical and insightful ways.

Recommended business forecasting methodology

Prophecy also features an optional Trade Promotion Planning module, which allows itemised promotions to be planned, modelled, approved and evaluated.

Aimed at the right users

Prophecy™ is for front-line business sales forecasters. It helps them productively apply their specialised knowledge and judgement to the sales forecasts.  All within an easy-to-use, Excel type experience. However, Prophecy™ goes way beyond Excel in its specialist analytic and sales forecasting features.

Forecasting solution for business users

Prophecy™ is a 'live' view of detailed volume forecasts through revenue and profit. It consolidates in real time over multi-level hierarchies of products and customers.

The forecasted measures in your Prophecy™ system are completely customisable. Start with volume, extend to revenue and margin, compare with budgets, plans, other versions.

Integrate sales forecasting into core processes

Prophecy™ offers you much more than just volume sales forecasting
Standard costs and selling prices are pre-imported into the database (or prices and discounts can be modelled manually). The revenue and profit impact of volume and pricing changes are instantly aggregated in real time over a complete hierarchy of products and customers.

Forecasts can be analysed and 'risk-assessed' within Prophecy™ at any hierarchy level for volume, revenue, profit or any other forecasted measure.

Forecasting integrated into whole business planning process

Prophecy fully supports 'forecast / review / re-forecast / publish' workflow.

Track forecast vs. Plan, Last Year, Last Version...

Prophecy™ elegantly implements control, visibility, tracking and sharing of the sales forecast. Escape the 'many versions of the truth', bloat and data fragmentation issues associated with Excel sales forecasting spreadsheets.

Accuracy analysis at the touch of a button

Forecast, analyse, compare with budgets, prior years or previous forecasts - for volume, revenue, profit or any other measure.  All within Prophecy's easy to use, multi-dimensional views and graphs.

Every Prophecy report acts as a forecast data entry screen, supports hierarchical drilldown/up over products or customers, live graphs, back-solving, unlimited undo/redo and many other forecast productivity aids.

Capture and audit every forecast change in the Prophecy Tracking database - date, time, who made the change etc..

Measure Sales Forecast Accuracy

Forecast accuracy analysis is important because:

  • Forecasters will learn from forecasting errors and avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  • Management will spot which forecasts need reviewing, earlier.
  • Forecast accuracy stays 'front of mind' for forecasters when it is easily visible to managers.

Accuracy analysis is hard to deliver in fixed-view sales forecasting spreadsheets.  Prophecy™ gives you accuracy data at any level of hierarchy and over any time horizon, with summary statistics like MAPE, MAD, two types of weighted average and over/under frequency distributions.
Forecast accuracy thumbnail
Prophecy™ quantifies the added value from judgemental forecasting, by comparing the published forecast with the statistical forecast that would have been generated using the available sales history.  Click here to see a sample output.

Technical Benefits

Prophecy™ is exceptionally quick and easy to implement.

The software runs on Microsoft Windows 7 or newer clients.  It hosts its data in a shared MS SQL Server database MS SQL Server database. It supports concurrent, multiple-user, read-write access without 'sub-cubes' or individual spreadsheets and real-time, maintenance-free consolidation.

Adding new products, customers and sales history is a breeze.  Use the Prophecy Management Studio application's "write once, use many times" automation module to maintain Prophecy.

Multi-user sales forecasting solution

Other systems connect to Prophecy data via SQL or scripted data exports.  .

Each user's product, customer and measure-based security is rules-based and requires minimal maintenance after the initial setup.

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Top 10 Prophecy™ hilights:

  Contact us now : +44(0)1494 785574  UK number

Data Perceptions are operating normally, within prevailing UK lockdown restrictions.  We are continuing to support our customers and provide software demos and implementations to new customers using remote support software and video conferencing solutions.


November 2020 sees the launch of semi-automatic forecast consumption rules, which allow near-term forecasts to be automatically adjusted (under forecaster control) based on recent sales.  For example, add back undersales in last periods to next periods / subtract oversales in last periods from next periods until oversale is 'consumed'.  We have built a flexible framework for this type of automated adjustments.History override manager screenshot


Earlier in 2020 we added the option to manually adjust the history used as input to the automated R statistical forecast engine, allowing you to remove the effect of outlier events from the history.  Manual adjustments cascade down the hierarchies in proportion to the share of the actuals, meaning you don't have to separately adjust each sku for the same outlier.  This functionality provides more control than the existing automated algorithm, albeit with forecaster overhead.  Of course, both methods can be used in together, if required.

History override manager screenshot

Prophecy is under continuous development.  More exciting stuff coming soon!

The Prophecy Changelog contains a detailed list of major Prophecy enhancements since 2013. Prophecy has been under continuous development since 1998.

*10 days implementation claim means with 10 or less days implementation support, working remotely with VPN access to your network. Please contact us for more information on how we can work together implement your forecasting solution within 10 days.

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