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Save money through a better, more accurate sales forecast.

Forecast, track, analyse and report.  Quantity, Revenue and Margin forecasts from a single-source.  Ideal input to S&OP demand planning process and the financial plan.

Forecast over hierarchies of Products and Customers.  'Finger on the pulse' delivery of budgets and plans through constantly updated comparisons between forecast and Budget, last forecast, last year etc..

Boost forecaster productivity.  As easy to use as a spreadsheet, but built from the ground up for multi-user sale forecasting.

Implement faster and at lower cost.  Already used in multiple locations for forecasting beauty, personal care, floorcare, coffee makers, food mixers, pet care, cleaning products, and more.  Elegantly integrates with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, NetSuite etc..

  • Prophecy™ was designed and developed by experienced business forecasters, for business forecasters.
  • Prophecy™ supports forecasting over multi-level hierarchies of products and customers though time.
  • Compare forecasts with previous years or budgets at any level of hierarchy.  Extend sales forecast quantities through to revenues, cost of goods and margin in one, easy to use system.
  • See our sales forecast software screenshots page for a quick flavour of Prophecy.   Click here to view a self-running, browser based demo, or here to download an evaluation system.
  • Prophecy™ is a proven, cost-effective solution to multi-user sales forecasting.   Please click here for more information, check out the menu links at the top and bottom of the screen, or give Data Perceptions a call right now on 01494 785574 (UK).
  • Prophecy™ fully supports multi-user concurrent forecasting without the need for cumbersome and time-consuming consolidations.  Forecast changes are saved aggregated over products and customers in real-time.

Benefits for Forecasters

  • Produce intelligent sales forecasts, more quickly, more effectively and with none of the tedious manual processes associated with using spreadsheets for demand forecasting.
  • Much more than just statistical algorithms! Forecasting monthly or weekly sales by product requires much more than naively applying statistical forecasting algorithms. Prophecy gives your forecasters the insights, views and information with which to make best use of their knowledge of events and interpretation of trend and other data.
  • Appropriate and proven methodology for forecasting of demand. Prophecy distils many years of professional business sales forecasting experience into a proven, powerful and well thought out software solution.
  • Puts forecasters and reviewers in control. Forecasters and managers will be able to identify and understand trends as soon as they develop, spot inaccurate sales forecasts as they are entered and instantly quantify the overall financial impact of forecast changes at any level of product and customer hierarchy.
  • Forecaster aids. Instant trend graphs, automated forecast risk analysis, drilldowns, forecast at any level of detail, diary notes, time profiles, promotional scratchpad, audit trail etc..
  • Accuracy analysis with a single-click - helps your forecasters identify and learn from mistakes earlier.
  • Click here to see what other forecasters say about Prophecy.

Business Benefits

  • Designed specifically for business forecasting. Prophecy users worldwide are currently forecasting products ranging from chilled desserts to confectionary, pet foods, breakfast cereals, white goods, personal care / beauty and DIY.
  • Forecast for revenue and profit as well as quantity. Instantly understand the impact of volume changes on the revenue and profit plan at all levels of hierarchy. Compare to Budget and previous years, all within Prophecy's powerful forecasting and reporting environment.
  • Team forecasting. Prophecy was architected from the ground upwards to allow multiple forecasters to concurrently forecast, without the need for tedious manual consolidations. Workflow management (i.e. forecast, review, reforecast etc) is built in, enabling efficient coordination of the sales forecast process. Forecast changes from multiple users are transparently consolidated in real time.
  • Compare the Sales Forecast with Budgets, Plans and Previous Years. Demand forecasting is actively integrated into business plan monitoring and delivery. Combine more accurate forecasting of demand and more controlled delivery of the company plan using Prophecy.
  • Rapid implementation. Prophecy can be implemented very quickly - it is not a major IT project. Data can be sourced from any ODBC/OLEDB data source or from flat files and written back in the same way.
  • Easy maintenance.  Prophecy requires little maintenance once hierarchies and data are sourced from your business systems via SQL and Prophecy automation scripts.


February 2017:
The past year has seen much internal development of Prophecy. 2017 will see numerous major functionality additions to Prophecy, mainly in the area of Trade Promotions Planning and Management.  Please use our contact form to request notification and an early demo of this exciting new feature and we will get back to you as soon as it is launched.

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