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Prophecy Remote Support

Need help with Prophecy?  Let Data Perceptions work through it with you, using our secure and lightweight remote support utility!

The Data Perceptions remote support utility allows us to securely view and remote control your computer for the duration of your support call. After your support call has finished and you have closed the remote support utility it is impossible for Data Perceptions or anyone else to gain access to your computer.

The remote support utility is free to all users of Prophecy and powered by TeamViewer, the premier remote control software company. It is very lightweight, does not "install" any additional software and stops completely once you have closed it. following your support session.

Click the button below to download it:

Click here to download Prophecy Remote Support Utility


  1. Download the Remote Support utility by clicking the big blue button above. (We recommend saving it to your Windows desktop to save you having to download it again in the future.) There is no installation and the application leaves nothing behind on your computer once it has finished.
  2. Run the downloaded file, TeamViewerQS.exe. You will see the following screen. Note that "Your ID" will be different to the screenshot and 'Password" will be unique and generated afresh, each time you run the utility.
  3. Screenshot of our remote support utility
  4. Call Data Perceptions on +44 (0)1494 785574 to request remote support. Data Perceptions will need the unique ID and password data shown on your version of the Prophecy Remote Support utility in order to access your computer.
  5. The Remote Support Utility will then connect to Data Perceptions across the internet. Data Perceptions will then be able to view and control your screen.
  6. Once the session has ended and you have closed the Prophecy Live Support application it is impossible for Data Perceptions to re-access your machine (until you next run the utility).

Telephone 01494 785574 (UK) to talk to a Prophecy expert now!

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