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Who we are

Data Perceptions is a privately owned UK software company based in Hyde Heath, Amersham, about 20 miles from the centre of London. We design, develop, implement, train and support our Sales Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting software for Microsoft Windows.
Sales forecasting software developer
We are the developers of Prophecy, a sales forecasting / demand forecasting software solution used in companies worldwide to help forecasters produce better sales forecasts.

We have been operating since 1998, when the first release of Prophecy was launched.

Peter Boulton, our MD and software designer, was a successful, full time sales forecaster and forecast team manager in the consumer packaged goods industry for over 10 years - mainly in the hot beverages and personal care markets.   He applied his extensive 'hands on' forecasting knowledge to software development and personally designed, wrote and implemented the sales forecasting software applications used within these businesses before founded Data Perceptions and its Prophecy sales forecasting software solution.

Prophecy is 100% developed and owned by Data Perceptions and distills all of Peter's experience as a full time sales forecaster, as well as ideas that have become tried and trusted in the companies for whom he developed forecasting solutions, into a unique software solution for business forecasters.

Prophecy has been under continuous development since 1998 and is a mature, proven and functionally rich sales forecasting software solution. It continues to be actively developed. New ideas come from our existing customers, potential customers and our own research.

Our Mission

To provide the best, most appropriate and easy to use multi-or single-user forecasting and planning software solution to business.

To care about our customers. That means:

  • Listening to their needs and trying to incorporate them into the software.
  • Giving the provision of first class support the highest priority. You will receive support directly from the developer, not a junior help desk assistant. And you will receive it as promptly as humanly possible.
  • Going the extra mile to help the customer get the most from our software.
  • Trying to provide the best value for money in this marketplace.
  • Striving to deliver what suits the customer, rather than the software company. We were customers once too. We have first hand experience of what you can go through dealing with software houses!
  • Providing free minor and major software upgrades to all our customers with support agreements in place. Fixing bugs within 24 hours of being reported.
  • Prophecy was designed and developed by Peter Boulton. We want all customers to have a direct route to the original developer now and into the future. We believe this model operates best from both the customer's point of view and our own.


Data Perceptions was founded in 1998 by Peter Boulton.

Peter Boulton - head of Data Perceptions

Peter Boulton was a full time sales forecaster for 10 years, prior to moving into software design and development. He spent 6  years in a variety of forecasting roles, including as a forecast team leader, for Avon Cosmetics in Europe .

He then set up and ran the Sales Forecasting Department for Beecham Personal Care (now GSK). He created and managed the processes required to help the business arrive at an agreed forecast, at both the detail level and also the overall business level. On a day to day basis Peter and his forecasting team worked with Sales and Marketing management at all levels, developing and agreeing the sales forecast.  Peter was also responsible as the connection between sales and marketing and the factory, ensuring that forecasts and production were connected with objectivity and accuracy.

He has spoken on sales forecasting at the Institute for Grocery Distribution and at conferences in the UK and Europe.

He designed, developed, implemented and supported a suite of integrated forecasting systems for Tetley, the hot beverages company.

All the experience gained as a specialist sales forecaster and software developer has been channeled into Prophecy. The techniques used in Prophecy have been proven in use in the companies he has worked in, through the forecasting systems he has developed, and in Prophecy's customer base, which spans a wide variety of industries and geographies.

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Data Perceptions
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