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Prophecy™ Sales Forecasting Software

Produce better, more accurate sales forecasts!

  • Prophecy™ is a sales forecasting software solution aimed at helping businesses develop better sales forecasts.  Achieve greater accuracy and superior productivity compared to spreadsheet and non-purpose built solutions.
  • Prophecy™ supports multi-user sales forecasting over hierarchies of products and customers though time.  Compare forecast with previous years and budgets.  Extend sales forecast quantities through to revenues, cost of goods and margins.   See these screenshots for a better picture, or here for a full list of the value Prophecy will add to your sales forecasting process..
  • Prophecy™ is currently used in companies world-wide to forecast products as diverse as cosmetics and toiletries, breakfast cereals, cleaning products, white goods, pet products and building materials.
  • Prophecy™ is a proven, cost-effective solution to multi-user sales forecasting. Please click here for more information, read further below, or give Data Perceptions a call right now on 01494 785574 (UK) to speak to an expert.


July 2015: Data Perceptions is proud to announce a full 64 bit version of the Prophecy sales forecasting software client. It provides at least 15% faster performance and unlimited Prophecy report size. Please read our Newsletter online here for more information.