This page describes 2 updates to Prophecy V, released 5th June 2013

Quick Graphs - Update

With effect from Prophecy V9.10.0.0, released 5th June 2013, you can generate 'parallel years' quick graphs like this:

Quick graph showing parallel years (compared to previous option which showed continuous time

You can generate a quick graph for the item at the current cursor position by clicking the 'Quick Graph' button on the 'Views' tab in Prophecy:

Button for generating quick graphs

You then choose the 'Parallel Years' option from the dialog box:

Quick graph settings dialog box

Note that the quick graph follows the cursor through the Prophecy report - i.e. it always shows the item at the current cursor position in the Prophecy report.  The graph 'persists' through drilldown, axis reorientation and item reselections.  It is saved as part of a Prophecy report - i.e. if a quick graph is visible when you save or update a Prophecy report it will be recreated automatically next time you replay the report.

Finally, the 'blobs' on some of the observations that you see in the graph screenshot above are new too!  A 'blob' means the point is editable - i.e. a read-write number.  It helps to differentiate forecasts from actuals.  You can control whether the 'blobs' are displayed using the graphs context menu (which also works on graphs generated in the 'Graph Wizard' option:

Graphs context menu

You can bring the menu up by right-clicking anywhere in the white space around the graph.

Press F1 in the Prophecy Client application when you get to the 'Quick Graph - Settings' dialog box shown above for more information on the different types of Quick Graphs available and the customisation settings available.

Takeaway Databases - Update

You can now limit the number of previous forecast versions that are written to the Takeaway database.  This potentially speeds the creation process up and significantly reduces the file sizes of Takeaway databases.  There is no need to export old forecast versions that you won't need to refer to in the Takeaway database!