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The latest version of Prophecy adds a completely new Trade Promotions Planning module which supports: Planning discrete promotions across calendar date ranges A structured workflow for creation and approval An algorithm for calculating the incremental sales / revenue / margin from each promotion Forecast versus actual for each promotion Promotional league tables to rank the effectiveness of each promotion.
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mplementing a Trade Promotions Planning system is hugely intimidating.  Existing Trade Promotions Planning solutions are costly, complex and time-consuming to implement. The Trade Promotions Planning module in Prophecy is different because it: works entirely within Prophecy makes promotions visible and trackable can be bolted on to most Prophecy databases with relatively low implementation resource, captures the ‘essence’ of Trade Promotions Planning, without the over-detailed fine accounting of every penny / cent.  The ‘big picture’ really should be sufficient to sort effective from the ineffective promotion. So, Prophecy’s Trade Promotions Planning module is right for you if implementing a full-blown traditional Trade Promotions Planning is ‘over the top’, unnecessarily expensive or complex.  It provides all the basics for planning promotions, with minimum complexity.
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