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SQL Nuggets are potentially the most useful of the brand new features recently added to Prophecy.  They are also one of the hardest to describe!  We hope you find the following information useful in assessing how you could potentially deploy this new functionality.

What is a SQL Nugget?

A SQL Nugget is an additional small (but potentially incredibly useful!) floating or docked window in the Prophecy Client application workspace, which is used to display information relevant to the item(s) at the current cursor position in the main report.  That "relevant information" is anything which can be obtained by running a SQL query against an OLEDB target database anywhere on your network, such as SQL Server, MS Access or MS Excel.

For example, you could show the current stock level of the product at the cursor position, promotions for the time period and product/customer at the cursor position, sales to date this period or any other information that will help your users obtain more value from Prophecy.

SQL Nuggets are created by your database manager using the Prophecy Database Manager application and displayed in the Prophecy Client application.

Please watch this self-running demo of SQL Nuggets in the Prophecy Client to see for yourself because pictures are worth a thousand words!  The running time of the demo is less than 6 minutes.


What's Involved in Creating a SQL Nugget?

The SQL Nuggets in the demo movie above were created in around 30 minutes against existing data sources.  A new 'node' has been added to the Database Manager to allow database managers to create and edit SQL Nuggets.  The following demo movie is less than 7 minutes and illustrates what is involved in creating the two Nuggets in hte preceding Client demo.

To summarise, a SQL Nugget definition contains the following key components:

Here is the movie!


Has this briefing page stimulated interest in this new feature?  Please send feedback on whether the briefing has been helpful, irrelevant or incomprehensible - all comments welcomed!  And if you would like to discuss creating one or more Nuggets for your Prophecy database then please contact Data Perceptions and we will do our very best to help!

More Recent Enhancements

SQL Nuggets are not the only enhancements to be released this month.  The SQL Nuggets release of Prophecy also contains the following new features and improvements:

Prophecy Client

Database Manager

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