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Excel sales forecasting
Hero or Villain?

Excel was never designed as a multi-user solution or as a purpose-built sales forecasting solution.  Applying Excel to a requirement it was not specifically designed to meet invariably leads to:

  • functional compromises
  • lack of multi-user access
  • significant additional manual maintenance (e.g. adding new products, customers, consolidating) just to keep the system up to date and resilient.

Sales forecasting is a business-critical process.  Inaccurate forecasts cost serious money.  Shouldn't Excel only be used if it is 100% best for the job or there is no alternative, cost-effective option?

The simple fact is that Excel is not 100% best for sales forecasting.  In fact, while it is great for many purposes, especially as a personal productivity tool, it is far from ideal when applied to multi-user business sales forecasting activities.

The limitations of Excel for your sales forecasting solution, all of which are addressed by Prophecy, are:

  • no single view of the truth
  • single user
  • potential formula errors
  • inflexible views of the data
  • no forecaster aids
  • cumbersome / error prone consolidation
  • insecure
  • poor scaleability
  • ineffective visibility to management
  • no automatic data loading
  • cumbersome adding new products / customers
  • difficult reorganising hierarchies - e.g. assigning customer from one forecaster to another
  • complex, time consuming and error prone year end procedures
  • multi-level forecasting not supported
  • awkward, manual consolidations
  • vulnerable data interchange with business systems
The good news is that Prophecy was designed from the ground upwards for the sole purpose of giving business forecasters the tools they need to productively and efficiently develop, analyse and measure their business forecasts.

Data Perceptions has developed a detailed comparison between forecasting spreadsheets using Excel and sales forecasting using Prophecy.  The document also highlights the potential unexpected complexity of any home-grown solution compared to the proven, professional forecasting software solution which Prophecy represents.  Please click the 'whitepaper' button below to download your copy.

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