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Sales Forecasting Measures

Most sales forecasting solutions focus on forecasting sales volumes...

Prophecy™ starts with Volumes, but provides a full expansion of volumes through selling prices, discounts and cost of goods to margin.  Use any measures you like, such as cases, units, weight, literage etc..

Here is an example forecast entry screen.  Prophecy data entry screens are fully multi-dimensional, like Excel pivot tables.  Unlike Excel they support data entry, completely transparent back-solving (goal seeking) and drill down/up navigation through the whole Prophecy database.

Example sales forecast data entry screen

Working from the top, you can see the three components of 'Total Quantity' - Base plus Promotional plus 'Other'.  Some forecasters like to work with this separation.  However, forecast measures are fully customised for each Prophecy™ database.
Below the quantity measures in the image above you can see the explosion through sales to gross margin, with Kilos as an additional measure.
The cells containing 'Protected cell indicator in Prophecy' in the top right hand corner are read-only.  All other cells are data-entry cells.  If a forecaster has sufficient permissions, they can change total cells, price cells, even sales value or gross margin cells.  When the forecaster changes a cell, Prophecy instantly solves all the dependent measures and totals.
Here is an example from a different database, showing a just selection of the available measures.  It can still be used for data entry - unlike Excel forecast spreadsheets you can choose to include only the measures you want at the time.  Adding to or changing the displayed measures can be achieved with literally a few mouse clicks.
 Another sales forecast data entry screen in Prophecy.