: 01494 785574 (UK)

Please choose from the following demo options:

Especially if you are based in the UK you are invited to telephone Data Perceptions on 01494 785574 to arrange an on-site Prophecy demonstration for you and your colleagues.

This is by far the best way to learn more about Prophecy!

If geography prevents an in-person on-site visit to demonstrate Prophecy then we are able to offer a live presentation / conference call over the internet where we can demonstrate Prophecy to you, person to person.

If this option is of interest please click the 'Live Web Demo' button or follow this link.

To see Prophecy demonstrated immediately, in your web browser, please click the button on the left or follow this link.

Our web browser demo runs automatically and does not install anything on your computer.  Just sit back and watch!

If you prefer a more 'hands on' experience of Prophecy you are welcome to download a free evaluation system by clicking the button or following this link.

Please note that the evaluation system does not let you change the database structure or to add your own products or customers.  However, it does contain the full Prophecy Client application, a small sample database and a worked tutorial document for you to work through.

Telephone 01494 785574 (UK) to talk to a Prophecy expert now!