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Here is a selection of sales forecasting articles.

Prophecy™ is under continuous development.  We like to inform our customers about major new features via occasional newsletters.  Here are a few samples.  Each link opens in a new browser window.  For a more comprehensive Prophecy changelog, please click here.

Also see our sales forecasting whitepapers page for more on demand forecasting, sales forecasting and software evaluation approaches..

# Date Synopsis
1 November 2019 Release of new revamped Prophecy 'Rules' feature, which helps you catch missing prices, round up to pallets for specified items etc.. View
1 August 2019 Release of new 'Forecastability Analyser', which identifies forecasting strategies based on sales variability. View
2 Jan 2019 Prophecy has always had a built-in statistical forecasting engine.  With our new release, we have fully integrated the R (Microsoft R Open) statistical computing system into Prophecy workflow.  Users can now use class-leading statistical forecasting models, developed by leading statisticians, to generate more accurate forecasts.  This newsletter launches this powerful new feature. View
3 Sept 2017 Newsletter announcing the release of Prophecy's new Trade Promotions Planning Module.  This module allows itemised promotions to be individually scheduled, forecasted, approved and post-promotionally analysed using the minimum data input. View
4 Sept 2015 This release adds an optional new Gantt view of national and customer specific promotions, powered by a SQL database source.  Instantly view the promotional activities for the item you are forecasting alongside your forecasts. View
5 Jul 2015 Launches a 64 bit version of the Prophecy Client software.  Why so important?  Because it offers a performance gain of 15-30% and removes all limitations on Prophecy report sizes.  The 64 bit Prophecy and the 32 bit Prophecy are built from the same code base - so 32 bit users can continue using the 32 bit version or upgrade with no change in forecasting experience, other than everything running noticeably faster! View
6 Sept 2014 Launches 'data-driven' product and customer selections.  This enhancement lets you, for example, instantly pull in all products with a sale or forecast in current year, or with less than n weeks stock (subject to weeks stock data availability), or where forecast versus actual for last period was outside a set percentage. View

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